So yesterday I was trying to change my preferred name on the Warwick Sport website so that I didn't have to face a name that I'm beginning to disassociate with... So much so that even given the anxieties associated with revealing such personal information to the public domain I have been using Liz now for quite sometime everywhere except work and until very recently, badminton.

I'm still unsure about how/if I'll ever change my name formally by deed poll but the university has a nice simple preferred name mechanism in place to allow for this situation. Aside If I were to change my name I feel like I'd need buy in from my family in order to use both the Scott and the James. And while I'm pretty certain that if my family (James) were to read this the shit I put up here they'd be fine with it or at least accept my choice, I'm not confident in the Scott side. End of aside.

Now I couldn't change my name in the Warwick Sport portal which I've informed them about and decided to go looking for the university one... And I changed it.

So why am I writing this? Well the university uses a Single Sign In system across all/most of their systems to make it easier for everyone. That means that the changes I made there have propagated across to systems and services that I hadn't considered when I made the change (no sign of a data dependency tree anywhere)... Including my work email contact details.

I don't like leaving stuff in a state of flux so I'm going to address this change in an email to my department in the near future, probably going to ask my supervisors to send it on my behalf.