So some of you who know me well have probably heard me say "I find it hard to distinguish between my romantic and platonic relationships". While I do find it a little crass, especially from my brain to the page here, the only distinction for me is a physical element.
While I expect that as this blog grows it'll become increasingly apparent that for me to consider someone a friend I already have all the prerequisite components (at least from my side) to be intimate with the person.
I'd wager that of all the things I talk about, this particular aspect of my attraction toward people is the strangest.
Given my anxieties around people due to their chaotic, from my perspective (I fully appreciate that others would think the same of me), I cannot find myself in a situation where I am aroused by someone without a trust component. While I think this is true of most people to an extent, I posit that this is as close to an absolute rule that one can find in the real world. Now admittedly I am not asexual, far from it 😀.
My sexuality is tied far more to my bond with the person than it could ever be to any other typical label that people use. Admittedly I've only had sexual experiences with women so to make bold assertions about my sexuality is stupid especially given that it'll likely change and mature over time likely correlated to experience and personal acceptance.
If you want some labels I'm sure I could come up with some.

Demisexual (definitely first on the list).

Next would come some comment on any gender bias or preference but that lacks any real meaning for me and the distinction between Pan and Bi is at least in my mind covered by the information above so for the sake of avoiding jokes about kitchenware.


I think that's enough for now. I've walked into uni might as well start some work.