What can you see here?

Well you can see:

  • two DC brushed motors.
  • A switch (hidden behind the red and white wires)
  • 3 Capacitors

The original circuit board shown below:

The original control board (with key areas highlighted)

Has several key areas on the front side including: the antenna connector (yellow); the output terminals for turning Left, Right, Forward and Backward (green); a small transistor (blue); the Integrated Circuitry controlling the operation of the vehicle (red) and the Power inputs (cyan).

The rear side has a RT16.000 Crystal Oscillator, a 20μF 10V capacitor and a connector for the LEDs. These can be seen in the image below:

Rear-face of the controller board

Why am I bringing this up? When I plugged my motors into my dual DC motor controller board, I wasn't able to maintain motion. What this indicated to me is that the capacitors are placed in parallel with the motors because the original power-delivery system needed an extra kick to get these things going and once they were drained it would struggle. The capacitor in series with the battery pack also seems to be acting in a similar manner.