So it's been on my mind for a while now (3-4years) that I wanted to make a game that had several unique features that made it stand out.

The list below is a set of features I want to incorporate in said game:

  • Multiplayer
  • Semi-realistic communication (i.e. Everyone receives all your messages (hoping for encryption) unless close enough to do P2P comms)
  • PVP where 'shields' can only block inbound energy weapons fire after you know the modulation and phase (a.k.a after it hits your ship)
  • Heat buildup and dissipation from inbound weapons and internal power inefficiencies.
  • Missiles are actually scary so armour can/will be helpful
  • Modular ship design
  • All user input is scriptable a.k.a initial keybindings are just function calls.
  • Customisable GUI (thinking browser based tbh)

This is going to be a running post so likely to be edited a fair few times.