So it's been a while since I posted anything up here. I'd like to blame something else for the lapse in my constant bitching but I've been feeling much better for a while now.
However I've got a few things that are currently stressing me the fuck out and are probably going to become the centre piece of anything I write here in the future.
But first something that is slightly more positive than I suspect the rest of this document will be...


I've bought myself a new bike... Woo hoo. Hopefully this will help reduce the commute time into the office to sub-20 minutes. Allowing me to start swimming again (if I can get over my massive dysmorphia and ever troublesome imposter syndrome.
Picture of my new bike

So on with the more negative stuff...

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver

I've been diagnosed with a fatty liver, not caused by excessive drinking 😀. It's the primary reason that liver transplants happen in the UK (got that one from my GP, CBA to verify as it provides the right amount of guilt, fear and shame to get me to do something about it). Plans for weight-loss mostly involve trying to re-engage with my daily swimming regime, eating out less and having smaller portions. In reality it means having more fruit throughout the day to ensure I don't snack on processed sugars and change my choice of fizzy drinks away from the full sugar ones (which isn't the best thing I could do, just what I feel is possible at the moment). I've got to lose between 10-15kg. Which would put me around ~105Kg when all done.
As you can see from the photo above, it would also help me fit into smaller dress sizes which is always a plus.

Leaks, Blockages and Leasehold flat ownership

Last week, I had water running down my walls from the ceiling and had a blockage in my bathroom which led to the bath not draining for over 48 hours. Upon reporting the leak my freeholder said they'd have someone out in the evening to have a look, as shared pipework is their responsibility, but no one came. I later found out that they showed up on Tuesday, knocked on my door but as I have this thing called life/work I wasn't in. Instead of informing me or calling me to check why I wasn't around, I heard nothing about this until Sunday evening when the water level in the bath started to rise.