I'm not proud of it but I've taken medication for my anxiety and depression for a large part of my adult life. This post is more a reflection on how difficult it can be to identify if a new course of medication is actually benefiting you.

Admittedly I'm not a good example of experimental design here... If I don't feel content in my life I go and seek multiple changes simultaneously so it is hard to determine whether it is a shift in working conditions, a transition from a naturally stressful period or if it is the medication.

I was asked yesterday if I felt the citalopram had made a noticeable impact to my state of mind. All i could answer was "I do not know" and then went on to explain the rest of the changes in situation.
Some of these changes include the introduction of a vitamin D prescription, the end of the SU sabbatical officer elections, the limited conversation with my parents, efforts at work finally paying off etc.

That's all today, I'm not angry about anything in particular at the moment so no ranting.