So I tried to do it again this morning... though the infill had been reduced from 40% to 20% and I changed it from rectlinear infill to stars and of course the calibration cube had been scaled by 200%.

Got a similar failure. I shall investigate further and attempt another this evening.

Afternoon Adventure

So I've installed Octoprint on an Orange Pi Zero 

Shout out to Philip Delorenzo for his extremely clear and concise instructions for getting this setup which can be found here.

I'm trying the smaller print again and am going to try and identify what the cause is this time... Wish me luck.


Several important areas to focus on now:

  • Extrusion Rate - Filament seems to have periodic clumping that is not ideal suggesting an inconsistent deposition(?)
  • Cube isn't quite right with the Z axis being up to 5mm taller than the X-Y axis suggesting mechanical issues somewhere.
  • Clogging of nozzle still apparent in this print (this time at the central point of the face depicting an 'X' fortunately was able to continue.
  • Replace bearings on XY carriage with igus® drylin® linear bearings
  • Address bed levelling issues so great that the HallON ABL sensor isn't latching back into its housing after the ABL subroutine (suggesting variation in bed level is too great for it to return)
  • Homing after performing a Z axis offset calculation does not return to the correct Z axis height suggesting mechanical issues. Noise from Z axis motion seems to be similar to that other users have experienced when the Z axis couplers aren't installed correctly