I have gotten the bad news out of the way first with the gallery above. It didn't get to the end of the print and had gotten stuck (I believe because the filament wasn't being extruded properly (placement issues I believe)).

I used the Pronterface application to connect to my 3D printer (details of which will be coming once I can be bothered to take it apart to fit some upgrades and do some cable management).

Screenshot showing the gcode mockup from Pronterface

This is what it is supposed to look like according to the reference material attached to the .stl file that I used.

There are reasons this is an image instead of HTML... trust me

The attribution card above will help you to find the original file from Thingiverse (just so that no one could complain about me not being fair). Click here to go direct.

Once I get access to my keys from Silver (SUCS's main server) to upload the gcode I was following it'll be linked to here.

Here is a horribly framed picture of my setup as it is today... I've got to find somewhere better to house it but for now I'm stuck with what I've got.

Messy, disorganised but it did at least print something this time...

Eh more to come in other posts.